avatarben2017-07-04: As people who have read the "About" section know, I wasn't always into webcomics. Before launching DazzWorld, I spent most of my free time working on more elaborate and detailed comic projects, with print publishing in mind.

In time however I grew tired of investing myself in very long and demanding endeavors that, if I failed to have them published, no one would ever see. That really bummed me out. But now I kinda miss the "big project" way of life, and with so many online resources such as Line Webtoon or Tapastic, I feel I could just go ahead like before, and publish on these sites if my projects fail to gain the interest of publishers. Then just rinse and repeat.

Aaaanyway what I'm saying is, I miss taking my time. Drawing webcomics is fun because you get results every week, but you also have to rush all the time. And when you make a mistake, well, that's too bad because what's done is done. Here's something from 2013:

DazzWorld is a webcomic about dazzling heroes, space travel, strange new worlds, engaging mysteries, and Love. There's also a chinchilla. The comic is updated weekly on Tuesdays.

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