2017-07-11: THAT'S HOW YOU DO IT

avatarben2017-07-11: In keeping up with last week, here's something I made in... what, 2008?!

OMG that's been like almost ten years!? What's wrong with me!?

As you can see I kept reinventing the Dazzling Heroes again and again and again... until I made DazzWorld. I think it'd be pretty hard to start another project without including them in some way, but then again, why not include them? :)

This one isn't my favorite, and I didn't even make a page two. I was struggling with trying to draw as fast as possible and making the best looking comic as possible. Then I learned I couldn't do both, because I was so unsatisfied with the illustrations that I kept doing the same ones until they were just right, which ultimately took more time than just doing them right from the start. Of course now that I use a tablet I could just edit the parts I don't like, which sounds a lot more efficient than scrapping hours of work because I drew Dom's face wrong.
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