2017-07-25: REJECTED

avatarben2017-07-25: The other day I remembered the Nintendo Switch was still out, and I still kinda wanted one.

After months of the console being out of stock everywhere, I thought I could find one pretty easily. I mean, it's been almost what? Six months now? Well, the darn thing is still impossible to find!

So I decided to wait until Friday morning, when I knew Splatoon 2 was coming out. I was SURE I'd find a least one on Amazon. And I was right: there it was, a normal-priced Switch. I placed it in my cart, and then I bought it. And then... I immediately regretted it and cancelled my order. It just didn't feel right, to buy that thing just in case a good game came out (not counting Mario, because Mario is always good; he's just not worth the price of a Switch). Nintendo has stated the scarcity issue wasn't artificial, but meh. I don't see Apple running out of iPads, and these things sell like... well... iPads.

So I chose to remain a switchless Ben, and invest in some Léonard comic books instead. Minutes later, of course, all the consoles were gone (well you can still buy one for 600$ if you like being ripped off by scalpers). Next time I'll keep it and give it away to my millionth fan. :)

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