2017-09-05: ASSUME NOTHING

avatarben2017-09-05: No time for chitchat this week!

I've been busy trying to revamp an old Lenovo tablet my mom used to have, and I realized I had Baldur's Gate installed on that thing. So I'm trying to start a new game with a new character I like, and that's near impossible for a crazy person like me. I NEED TO BUILD THE BEST CHARACTER EVER, even if it means I'm never actually going to play the game. To me, the character building screen IS the game. So far I'm trying to decide between an Elven Totemic Druid, an Half-Elf Sorcerer, and a Human Priest of Talos.

Of course the Lenovo tablet can barely keep up with such a fine piece of software as Baldur's Gate, so now I need a new tablet. Stay tuned for a review of something I didn't need but bought anyway.

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