avatarben2017-09-12: Alright I got myself a new tablet, which is a Huawei Mediapad M3! (If you clicked on that link, no, the tablet doesn't float in the air as depicted. Kinda disappointing if you ask me.)

I hesitated buying this luxury item for a couple of minutes, and if you have any questions about my allocation of funds on this matter, well some rando from the internet who named themself after a race of six-armed, demonic snake women straight out of the Monster Manual said it's OK. So don't ask.

I'm not going to post a complete review of the tablet because there's not point; this model might already be obsolete since it came out in 2016, but I will say: wow, I really like this thing! And I really like it for two reasons: 1) it's super powerful, and 2) I can hold it in one hand. I always hated tablets because they were not more convenient to carry around as laptops, and were not as powerful. Well, this one is like a big phone that can hold my entire music library. And since I don't have a phone, now I can pretend I have one, except it's more like an oversized prop Krusty would use in The Big Ear Family.

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