2017-09-19: CASE CLOSED

avatarben2017-09-19: This house-selling thing is taking too damn long!

I know it's not even been two months yet, but UUUUGGH come on people, just buy the house, I want to get on with my life! I'm not a very patient person, and this is like being stuck in an elevator forever. Why can't the government handle the housing market like some manner of big buying/selling platform? Looking to buy a house? Ask to see the governement's listing. Want to sell a house? Sell immediately to the government. SOLVED. (OK this probably wouldn't work, but I'm a guy who makes comics not an economist.)

But NOOOO you have to endure all kinds of frustrations and particularities, like people telling you they're looking exactly for what you're offering, except they need three more rooms and a pool. See, that's, like, not at all what they're looking for. And now all the time in the world has been wasted for everyone. #frustrated

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