2017-09-26: THE MAN IN BLACK

avatarben2017-09-26: OK I admit this week's comic is a little bit of a cop out. The dialogue is written as planned, but yeah, there's only one repeated panel with some silhouettes.

Usually I'd spice things up with changing details in the background, but I had to draw this in very little time; I'm still very busy with the house-selling thing. Granted I could just take a small break, but when I started DazzWorld I swore I'd never miss a single week and, well, so far I kept that promise! Go me!

What I did stop doing is posting updates on Facebook and Twitter. I used to do this the day after posting, but I seemed to be reaching less and less people as time went by, so I started posting on different days to see how better it would go... and now I keep forgetting to post until it's time to post a new page altogether! So that's why my "like" numbers at the top of the page are so low; I just didn't post at all. I'll probably just post a batch of 4-5 pages at the same time eventually, so numbers should go back up. Hopefully.

On another note, here's an awesome comic you just need to read. It's funny, stylish, and unapologetic. I love it.

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