2017-12-05: AS TIME GOES BY

avatarben2017-12-05: This isn't something I'm used to, but I just finished this page, like 15 minutes ago, and unfortunately I think it shows.

Normally by the day I'm posting, the page is already done, but today I just couldn't make it on time. I think this one looks a little bit too rough on the edges. Of course there's no text, but that's intentional. I just wish I had more time to put some additional details in there. For instance, I wanted to have Isabel surrounded by Gulkaar watchers, but these guys take forever to draw. So... out with the Gulkaar! This might be racist, but who cares, everything's offensive now for some reason. At least we gulkaarophobes still get a pass.

I'm honestly not being lazy with the late-posting stuff: I'm MOVING right now, and I've got to work at the same time (and play Mario+Rabbids). The fact that I'm actually able to post any comic at all is a herculean feat.


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