avatarben2017-12-19: Hey, here's something really cool!

My friend Peter from badlydoodled.com managed something only the best of us can possibly one day aspire to... he made a BOOK! Like, a real one! On PAPER! In 2017! :D

If you've been following me for a while, you know I enjoy Peter's work very much. I still didn't get around to read the book in its entirety because of my crazy over-the-top lifestyle, so I don't know exactly which comics have been included, but I know for a fact that it includes the classic Toothbrushing Saga.

And here it is, the book, in a gloriously blurry picture, featuring my hand and a Ikea bag:


Peter's day-to-day life alongside his son Oskar ranges from hilarious to awkwardly familiar, and I strongly recommend you grab a copy today. It is conveniently available on Amazon; all kinds of Amazons actually, as I got mine on Amazon.ca. I can assure you this is quality stuff:

You know what needs to be done. You know it in your heart.

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