Welcome to DazzWorld's Monster Contest!

First, read this comic for context purposes. All done? Great. Looks like Bernius and Domord are in a pretty sticky situation. Unfortunately for them, things aren't going to get a lot better since I'm asking you, the reader, to come up with a "monster" of your own design for them to face! This contest is all about having fun, but here's what you could win:

1. The winner will see his/her creation featured in the comic!
I'll integrate it myself in the comic's artstyle, so no worries about not being good at drawing. This contest is all about originality and fun. if you're a talented artist this is a great opportunity to show your skills, but if you just have an awesome idea you can doodle it in five minutes on a napkin.

2. The winner will get a signed, high quality 13" x 19" print!
The printed comic will be the one where your creation first appears. I'll contact the winner in due time to get their shipping information.

3. All entries will forever be featured in the Extras section of the website, with links to their owner's respective page.
If you have a website or webcomic of your own, this contest is a great opportunity to get some easy and free visibility.

And now some fun guidelines:

1. The monster doesn't have to be a monster in the strict sense.
If you think it should be a giant toaster or some guy with a megaphone, go ahead and surprise me! :D

2. Your creation has to be SFW (Safe For Work).
I won't be accepting content that is inappropriate for a younger audience. I actually encourage children to participate.

3. Your creation has to be able to produce the following sound:

CONTEST ENDS ON 2016-12-13

(please use .jpg or .png format)

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